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Social Appetizers is a personal blog and an online community, which began with my interest in learning to cook appetizers from around the world.

It was meant to begin as a food learning project while also exploring social history of food (because I am a history buff).

With time, my eating habits have changed and I have become more conscientious of the foods I eat. As a result, I now mostly eat paleo, gluten free diet.

As of April 2014, the new recipes added on this page will be primarily gluten-free and / or paleo-friendly. The website will continue to feature food stories and the histories of food.

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Share your favorite appetizer recipes from around the world. Want to share some food history also? Go For It!
Afghan Food Recipes
Afghan food recipes are a fusion of different cultural cuisines. Learn to make some succulent paleo-based Afghan recipes and diversify your palate!
Baked Lamb Recipe
Enjoy this lovely traditional Albanian baked lamb recipe and yogurt that makes a delicious paleo meal. Substitute cultured coconut yogurt for greek yogurt to make it dairy-free!!
Easy Homemade Vegetable Soup | Albanian Vegetable Soup
This Albanian easy homemade vegetable soup serves as a delicious accompaniment to lunch or dinner meals. Learn to make this traditional, simple soup recipe with tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions.
Recipe for Cucumber Soup | Paleo and Gluten free Algerian Recipe
This Algerian recipe for cucumber soup makes an excellent starter dish or as a light snack during the day in hot weather. It is grain-free, dairy-free, paleo friendly and gluten free.
Indian Vegetable Recipe | Enjoying Quick Indian Vegetarian recipes
An Indian vegetable recipe is sure to be spicy to the palate and a healthy, easy alternative to meat. Popular in vegetarian diets, the subcontinent has a wide variety of Indian vegetarian recipes.
Savory Indian Bread Recipes
Countless varieties of Indian bread recipes exist within the Indian subcontinent, all having their own charm and techniques. Savory Indian bread is the staple diet of many South Asian homes.
Savory Chutney Recipes | Low fat snacks
Chutney recipes make great low-fat snacks to serve finger foods or liven up entrees. Chutneys can also be eaten as relish-like condiments akin to salsas.
Superb Italian Appetizer Recipes
These Italian appetizer recipes show the love and affection the Italians have for their cuisine. These light meals are made with great pride and enthusiasm as daily part of Italian life.
Middle Eastern Food Recipes | Middle Eastern Appetizers
These Middle Eastern food recipes are the perfect appetizers to feed your family or to your friends at a party.
Easy Party Appetizers
Get to know these quick, easy party appetizers so you can save yourself the trouble of researching at the last minute!
Quick Appetizers
These delicious, quick appetizers can serve as savory additions to a meal or easy snack recipes to make between meals.
Simple Soup Recipes
Soup is as old as culinary history of food. Here are some simple soup recipes from around the world for you to make quickly and enjoy!!
Chicken Pakora Recipe
Make this chicken pakora recipe to soothe your appetite on a rainy day or serve it as an appetizer at your next party.
Corn Dog Recipes
Learn to make one of these simple corn dog recipes to enjoy as a snack or an appetizer for your next party!
Avocado Salad Dressing
This avocado salad dressing is simple, yet delicious alternative to store-bought dressings. This would also make an excellent accompaniment to any kind of lunchbox salad.
Baked Boneless Chicken Breast Recipe | Baked Sesame Chicken
Learn to make this baked boneless chicken breast recipe from Chinese cuisine to add extra special flavor to your next dinner. This baked sesame chicken is quick to make and a delight to the taste!
Baba ghanoush Recipe
Learn to make this delicious baba ghanoush recipe with roasted garlic to serve as a dip or an afternoon snack with vegetables.
How to Make Empanadas
Have you wondered how to make empanadas dough? Here is a very simple and delicious recipe to make empanada dough and serve it as a snack or appetizer for your next feast!
Social History of Indian food | Origin of the sacred cow
History of Indian food contains many stories about the social reactions against foods forbidden by the major religions. The cows are too sacred for Hindus to eat. Pigs are rejected by the Muslims
History of Indian food | 1857 Indian rebellion against British
History of Indian food contains many stories about the social reactions against foods forbidden by the major religions. The cows are too sacred for Hindus to eat. Pigs are rejected by the Muslims.
History of Italian food | Lavish banquet, free bread, starving nuns, love apples
History of Italian food is about intriguing stories of lavish banquets, free bread, starving nuns, rise of macaroni and whorish love apples
History of Traditional Mexican Food
History of traditional Mexican food and appetizer recipes dates back to the times of indigenous native American communities in Mexico, including the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Toltecs, amongst many.
Muslim Cuisine History
Muslim cuisine history, like its counterpart of other religious traditions, is a rich history of cuisines mixing from different geographical locations.
History of Corn
History of corn is an intriguing tale of its migration, the slave trade, and the beginning of the "Butterfly people".
History of Corn | Native Corn and culture
History of corn in Native culture is deep. They revered corn over anything else on Earth and considered it so sacred that when they saw the Europeans feed it to the horses, they were appalled.
Plant flower gardening
A quick guide on plant flower gardening, which can be one of the most enjoyable, addictive and passionate experiences in life!
Hay bale Gardening
There are so many delightul things you can grow with hay bale gardening. Here are some great tips and tricks for effective hay bale gardening
Hypertufa Gardening
Here are some great tips and info on hypertufa gardening to make stunning hypertufa pots for your home and garden.
Greens Gardening
Greens gardening is a fun way to ensure you always have greens for your meals especially when you are following a paleo diet.
Easy Mexican Food Recipes
Learn to cook these amazing easy Mexican food recipes.

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