Indian vegetable recipe

Spicy, healthy, and easy...

An Indian vegetable recipe is sure to be spicy to the palate and a healthy, easy alternative to meat dishes...

With almost 80% Hindus who are usually on vegetarian diets, the Indian subcontinent has a wide variety of Indian vegetarian recipes.

Here are some great Indian vegetable recipes to try out...

Vegetable samosa recipe

Baked Samosa


Gol Gappa or Pani Puri

Potato Cutlets

Bread Bowls filled with Daal

Curry Lentil Balls

Vegetable samosa recipe is easy and makes great appetizers to have as a quick snack or to serve to visiting guests. Samosas are by the far one of the most popular appetizers and snacks, along with pokoras, on the subcontinent...

They are also easy party appetizers to serve with your favorite chutney and get raving reviews from your guests.

My favorite and most popular indian snack amongst street vendors is the the mini-puffed flat bread filled with potatoes and tamarind sauce gol gappa. This is a must-try item for everyone. It makes a great weekend afternoon snack for your family.

If you’re up to trying another potato appetizer, then potato cutlets would make a sumptuous starter for your meals…

Dried vegetables like lentils, also known as dhal or dal in India, are a healthy source of proteins and part of many vegetarian Indian recipes. They come in wide varieties and make delicious finger foods and appetizers for your family...

Some fun finger food ideas include Indian dal recipe such as bread bowls filled with dhal and crispy cheese and curry lentil balls.

Indian salads make for quick easy appetizers to be served with flatbreads or as side dishes with tandoori style finger foods.

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