Italian appetizer recipes

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These Italian appetizer recipes make excellent light meals. They are made with great pride and enthusiasm as daily part of Italian life...

Food history in Italy show that Italian appetizers were generally known as antipasto or antipasti, meaning ‘before the meal’ items, a tradition that rose from the lengthy banquets of Roman Empire...

Overtime antipasto has become to mean more than just ‘before the meal’. It includes a whole range of items including basil pesto recipes, baked shrimp appetizer recipe, frittatas, eggplant rolls, and so many other delicious foods that make quick, light meals or snacks.

Here are some great Italian appetizer recipes to try out...

Baked shrimp appetizer recipe

Pesto sauce

Pesto pasta

Vegetable Frittata recipe

Pizza Frittata

Eggplant bundles

Eggplant rolls

Mozzarella Rolls

Phyllo Cups with Wild Mushrooms

Basil Pesto Recipe

Are you still wondering what is pesto? Well, before you can make a recipe with basil pesto, you need to first learn how to make basil pesto sauce.

Once you know how to do that, you can make delicious pesto pasta recipe. Or you can make quick basil pesto recipes including pesto and tomato toasts, pesto-topped cherry tomatoes, zucchini with tarragon pesto, and potatoes with five-herb pesto.

Frittata recipes

Popular Italian appetizer recipes also include frittata recipes that make an open-faced Italian omelette with meat, cheese, pasta, or vegetables. Quick easy vegetable frittata recipe with pasta or pizza frittata are excellent items to prepare when you are short on time!

Italian party finger food recipes

Italians are crazy about eggplants and cheese. So if you are a diehard eggplant fan, like me, try out this party finger food recipe, made from cheese rolled within eggplant bundles, and serve it to your friends. Or you can try healthy appetizer recipes like these grilled eggplant rolls with asparagus.

Of course no Italian appetizer section is complete without a mention of a mozzarella recipe . The savoury mozzarella rolls are a fabulous Italian finger food that you can serve to your guests at a party or your family at dinner...

Great party finger food ideas also include low carb appetizer like Italian phyllo cups with wild mushrooms.

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